What's Included: 

  • 50 Premium real scan overlays

  • Motion clips in up to 4K resolution H.264 

  • Fully customizable textures, colors, and speed of scan overlays

  • Easily combine with Multiply or Screen blending modes

  • Works with Premiere, Final Cut, After Effects, Davinci Resolve, and more!

  • FREE BONUS 10 real TV backgrounds

  • Free Cinematic Sound Pack

Behind the scenes of making scan overlays product.



These presets couldn’t be easier to use. Simply drag and drop into your timeline, and use the Tint effect to change color or any of my favorite textures (included in the package) use them with blending mode and nest them (easier than ever before)!



NO GUESSWORK - Place above your footage and apply the blending mode!

ADJUST - Change easily colours or apply textures.

EXPLORE - Try several blending modes (my fav is Different).

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